Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment How I cured myself naturally

If you are suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis infections and are looking for an effective treatment, you are at the right place. These days, homeopathic treatment for BV is the considered to be the best method to get rid of this problem. Among other remedies, tea tree oil is considered to be the best and most effective. If you are suffering from BV caused due to imbalance of bacteria in the area, you can rely upon tea tree oil without any apprehensions. Lets discuss this in detail and see what is the reason behind using tee tree oil as effective Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment.

Bacterial Vaginosis Over The Counter Treatment

If you are not pregnant but are suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis Clindesse Vaginal cream might be the solution for you ( The cream work only with vaginal infections and not the yeast infection or chlamydia or trichomoniasis . The cream has a mineral oil base and therefore have the ability to weaken products like vaginal contraceptives and condoms if you are using them for the 5 days the cream is being used. Some minor side effects of the cream involve diarrhea, colon inflammation, vulvo vaginal itching, fungal infection and headache. If any such symptoms show it would be better to talk to your health care provider before it gets too late.

Understanding what bacterial vaginosis (BV) is important in deciding on the treatment to take. Sorting through information on WebMD, Mayo Clinic on everything from lactobacilli, Tinidazole, pelvic exams, HPV, clinical guidelines, and choices to make can be daunting. But you won’t know what to do until you know what you have. After going through websites like and such, make sure to visit your GP who can recommend what sort of testing you may need, what basics you need to know if you are diagnosed, and what to do in case you are pregnant and have BV.


Naturopathic Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

As soon as a woman experience any unusual discharge she must consult her medical practitioner as soon as possible ( This might already be causes of BV. They will be performing tests to make sure what kind of disease you have. It usually starts with a swab test inside the vagina to check the cause of the fishy odor on wet mount. This test is called the whiff test and done by placing a small amount of potassium hydroxide to a microscopic slide containing the sample of the vaginal secretion. Next for BV swab testing is to find any signs for loss of acidity. To make sure that microbial growth is controlled, a woman’s vagina is naturally a little more acidic with a pH of 3.84.2. A swab of the discharge is placed on a litmus paper to examine the acidity. If the pH is greater than 4.5, it is considered alkaline and is a possible symptom of BV. The last thing to check using a swab is the existence of clue cells on wet mount. Similar with the wiff test, the clue cells test is done by adding a small amount of sodium chloride onto the slide with the vaginal discharge. They could also be seen using a microscope. These are epithelial cells that are covered with microbe and the presence of these cells will also indicate possible BV et al. Swab tests are the most common forms of examinations when it comes to vaginal illnesses. It is also used to check other diseases such as sexually transmitted infections and the likes. A woman should really be careful since these malfunctions in the body might cause severe stages like infertility, preterm birth and others. bacterial vaginosis treatment
Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Antibiotics are the best way of treating bacterial vaginosis and the most commonly preferred antibiotic is Metronidazole. They can be taken in the form of oral tablets for seven days with two doses daily. You can also take it in one large dose if you don’t want to take it for a longer period of time. Another way is to apply them to your vagina in the form of gel once a day for about 5 days. According to medical experts, taking metronidazole tablets for 5-7 days is the best bacterial vaginosis treatment. Although the use of antibiotics is not preferred during pregnancy but if there is a need it can be consumed without any problems. A slight nausea and vomiting are reported as side effects but if taken after meals the effects are not felt much.

The use of Metronidazole gel for treating Bacterial Vaginosis was approved by FDA in 1963 and since then they have been considered as an important treatment for anaerobic bacterial infections in the vagina. Although the use of metronidazole tablets is preferred over gels but this does not mean the gels are not able to treat the infection. According to experts, the vaginal metronidazole gel should be applied twice in a day (preferably morning and evening) for about 5 days. The gel should contain at least 37.5 mg metronidazole and should be stored at room temperature. It is necessary to stay away from alcohol during the use of the drug as drinking might result in nausea, weakness, headache etc. The effect of metronidazole gel over pregnant ladies and nursing mothers are still not clear and therefore it is better if the use of these gels is avoided in such conditions. Some of the side effects reported while the use of vaginal metronidazole is irritation of skin, vaginal vulvar itching, nausea, gastrointestinal cramps and other allergic reactions.

The treatment therapy for BV includes primary treatment, alternative treatment and Adjunctive treatment. Along with that these therapies include special treatment for pregnant women and recurrent infection cases and therapy for those allergic to metronidazole. Metronidazole forms the primary treatment while alternative treatment involves Tinidazole or Clindamycin. The Adjunctive treatment is provided using lactobacillus and all these therapies are worth trying if you suffer from Bacterial Vaginosis.

Bacterial vaginosis treatment can truly be a big hassle for any woman. The different remedies that she has been made aware of can require her time, resources and a consultation to a Ph. However, sticking with one, rather than many partners, reference to some articles on Bacterial Vaginosis Begone and the right hygiene and diet would be most helpful to make a woman go through this. After all, experts would be consistent to recommend simple steps for prevention that any one can follow without any hassle.